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the municipality of Leopoldsburg wants to sell a lot of historical buildings?

A municipality that prides itself on attaching importance to its past apparently has NO PROBLEM getting rid of historic buildings. We can already imagine how these buildings will have to make way for new construction without any hesitation. Four of the buildings for sale are the following: We hope that…

the first prints of Beverlo Camp by J.B. Gratny were made?

Text by Plees Roger (tijdschrift van het MUSEUM KAMP VAN BEVERLO van januari -april 2021) Translation by Patrick Marquenie The first images of the Beverlo military camp were made by J.B. Gratry. Little information is known about the artist. We do know that he was a student of Paul Lauters….

There are beautiful stamps of Leopoldsburg, Heppen and the Camp Beverlo?

I am not a stamp collector myself, but on my search for postcards I did come across a number of beautiful stamps (and have therefore purchased them). On the right and below you can see my, without a doubt, limited collection. If you are still looking for yourself, I still…

The Olympic Games of Antwerp 1920 will always be connected to Camp Beverlo?

In 1920, Camp Beverloo hosted the facilities of the gun and rifle shooting events for the 1920 Summer Olympics. While those events took place, grenades exploded four kilometres from the shooting ranges, because the military exercises in the Camp continued! A photo of the Norwegian team in action