Welkom – Welcome in ‘t Kamp
Welkom – Welcome in ‘t Kamp
Welkom – Welcome in ’t Kamp
Welkom – Welcome in ’t Kamp
Welkom – Welcome in ’t Kamp
Welkom – Welcome in ’t Kamp
Kamp van Beverlo – Camp Beverlo
Kamp van Beverlo – Camp Beverlo
Welkom – Welcome in ‘t Kamp
Welkom – Welcome in ‘t Kamp
Postkaarten – Postcards
Postkaarten – Postcards

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This site is about the history and sights of Leopoldsburg, Heppen and the Beverlo Camp … This website is a private initiative and unfortunately the town of Leopoldsburg doesn’t want people to know this site.

For more information you can always contact us via the contact form on this site.


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Private: 🖼️ Postcard-gallery

Do you prefer to see this gallery in full screen, then go to http://postkaarten.3970leopoldsburg.be (a new page will open). This article is also available in Nederlands
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  On the internet much can be found. But sometimes it becomes a very long search. That’s how it is when you want to find a video over Leopoldsburg. By now I managed to find...
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To get this information I have to look up 1 and the other. I have obtained information not only through people (see the Thank You – page), but also through books, magazines and websites. Below...
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Digitalised booklets / texts

I found a number of booklets or texts so interesting that I have converted them into digital flip books, so that you too can enjoy them! Click on the image to go to the relevant...
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Smaller updates

  • May 01, 2022: NO MORE updates will be done at this moment. Behind the screens we are working to get the postacards back on the site. At the same time all articles will get a facelift!
  • February 16, 2022: Postcards gallery has problems after we changed to HTTPS. We’re looking for a solution. In the meanwhile some links will not work…
  • January 15, 2022: Overview-page has been updated
  • January 14, 2022: post cards gallery is re-opened, but with a super big watermark on every card
  • January 07, 2022: post cards gallery closed due to abuse of the scans
  • December 30, 2021: more post cards were added, under which photo cards
  • November 14, 2021: 1 new video
  • November 13, 2021: all digital booklets were renewed

This article is also available in Nederlands

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6 facts about Leopoldsburg, Heppen or Camp Beverlo.

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Possible updates: History: Leopoldsburg: Fire department Heppen: The ‘Schans’ (looking for information) Camp Beverlo: at this moment nothing is planned Buildings: Chapel of Immert Au Prince Royal (looking for/ gathering information) Old Police station (looking for/...
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📣 Help wanted

I have already found a lot of information, but there are still some things missing. Below you can see what I am still looking for. Can you help me, please do not hesitate and send...
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Making a website is one thing, but without help I would never been able to find all information and put it on the site. So here i’ve created a page to give certain people, organisations a...
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You can reach me by using the form underneath. You can also sent files up to 8mb by using the form. Your name (obligated) Your e-mailaddress (obligated) Subject Your message Please leave this field empty....
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