Malakoff prison (updated)

Malakoff prison (updated)

The prison was built in 1856 between the Koning Albertlaan and th Gravin van Vlaanderenlaan, south of the Infantry School. The name was derived from the Malakoff settling of Sebastopol, the siege was one of the highlights of the Crimean War, which had then just ended. The round tower was 10 meters high with a floor and had masonry arches built into its façade and decorative tip. The cells came from the central courtyard to a single entrance, past the guardhouse. It was a very humid and unhealthy building and was used only for punished disciplinairs’ until the First World War. The guards were provided by the camp. The residence of the warden was built against the prison tower.  In the 60s of the last century, the complex was demolished and there appeared civilian homes in the area.

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