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Help wanted

I have already found a lot of information, but there are still some things missing. Below you can see what I am still looking for. Can you help me, please do not hesitate and send me a message via the contact page. Thanks in advance for your help!

Charles CAÏMOPhotoStreet names
Herman BIJNENSPhoto & Place of deathMayors & Street names
Eloi Francois HELLEBOSCHPhoto & Place of deathMayors & Street names
Henri Joseph LEONARDPlace of deathMayors
Marie-Joseph JACOBSPlace of deathMayors
Leonard MEESPlace of deathMayors
Victor HARTERTPlace of deathMayors
Gaston OEYENPlace of deathMayors
Willem HENDRICKXTermo of office (since)?Mayors
Joannes MOMMENPhotoMayors
Englebert ADANGPhoto & Photo bakeryStreet names
Georges LEMMENSPhotoStreet names
Serafien JACOLETPhotoStreet names
Pastoor Leo JANSENPhotoStreet names
Victor SWERTSPhotoStreet names
12 SS Panzer Division - HitlerjugendPhotos and information about this infamous unit History of Camp Beverlo
Korteketenbrug (bridge)Where is/was the exact location of this bridge?History of Camp Beverlo and others

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