Zegeplaats (Victory Place)

Zegeplaats (Victory Place)

Zegeplaats (Victory Place)


The Zegeplaats (Victory Place) has had its place in Beverlo Camp for a long time. For example, we know that until 1913 the alarm cannon, which ensured the permanent service of hourly reporting, was on the Zegeplaats. There was a shot at five o’clock to wake up (at six o’clock in winter), one at noon, and one at the taptoe (the sign that the pubs should close) at 9 p.m. Repeated shots rang out in the event of a fire or alarm.

This cannon was placed at the entrance of the Royal Park, where two straw huts were used as lodging and waiting room for the artillerymen.

The alarm gun and the 2 straw huts

On old postcards, we see that the Zegeplaats also became a sports square. We even see that there was a real obstacle course. The statue of Chazal, which has been there since 1908, has always contributed to recognizing the Zegeplaats.

The Zegeplaats as a sports square
Obstacle course at the Zegeplaats
Old post cards
Cavalry festivities in 2006
Handing over the command of the Land Component Commander in 2019

In recent years, the Zegeplaats has been regularly used for military parades, for jumping competitions, for Buitenbeenpop, but also as a parking lot for various activities.

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