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When we think of Heppen, we think too easy of that “small part” of Leopoldsburg. The history of Heppen goes further back than that of Leopoldsburg. So it certainly deserves its own place on this site. My search has certainly not been done yet and I am trying to find out more and more about the history. I hope that this page will expand considerably in the (near) future!

Heppen as well does not escape the fact that historic buildings are disappearing. However unfortunate it is, it remains of the utmost importance that we properly document these and give them a place where they will never be forgotten! These can also be found below. This list is certainly not exhaustive and more will disappear in the future …

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What else can you see/visit?

If you take a moment to stroll around in Heppen, you will see that there are still a number of beautiful historic buildings and monuments to be found. The local museum is definitely worth a visit. You will certainly enjoy it!

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