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Help wanted

I have already found a lot of information, but there are still some things missing. Below you can see what I am still looking for. Can you help me, please do not hesitate and send me a message via the contact page. Thanks in advance for your help!

Charles CAÏMOPhotoStreet names
Herman BIJNENSPhoto & Place of deathMayors & Street names
Eloi Francois HELLEBOSCHPhoto & Place of deathMayors & Street names
Henri Joseph LEONARDPlace of deathMayors
Marie-Joseph JACOBSPlace of deathMayors
Leonard MEESPlace of deathMayors
Victor HARTERTPlace of deathMayors
Gaston OEYENPlace of deathMayors
Willem HENDRICKXTerm of office (since)?Mayors
Joannes MOMMENPhotoMayors
Englebert ADANGPhoto & Photo bakeryStreet names
Georges LEMMENSPhotoStreet names
Serafien JACOLETPhotoStreet names
Pastoor Leo JANSENPhotoStreet names
Victor SWERTSPhotoStreet names
12 SS Panzer Division - HitlerjugendPhotos and information about this infamous unit History of Camp Beverlo
Korteketenbrug (bridge)Where is/was the exact location of this bridge?History of Camp Beverlo and others
New (False) Parc (Nieuw of Vals Park)When was this park built? Was the giant sequoia already there then or since when was it planted there?History of Camp Beverlo and others

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