Quarters Moorslede

Quarters Moorslede

At 4 RCI we found a plan showing that there is no sign of the quarters in 1912. (At least not the main building).).

 Mrs. Daelemans, born in 1929, grew up in front of the quarters and recalls the building from its early existence (probably built in 1931).

Everyone agrees that the first users were the men of the railway troops (T.C.F. = Troupes Chemin de Fer) and that the quarters over the years became the accommodation for everyone” who came to the Camp.

When shortly after the war, the Ijzerkazerne (Yser barracks) (built in 1934 or 35), was the shelter was for the ESO Ecole des Sous Officiers, quarter Moorslede served as School of the brevetes (B1) (De Greef and Champagne) and for the training course RSM for all Belgian units. This was certainly the case in 1948. (De Greef, Champagne and Daelemans). This last one also told me that in 1952 -53 the 123rd TTR found shelter there when it the K20 was being renovated.

Everyone also agreed that from the beginning of the seventies, the MK 21 has been housed there until the mid-80s, the time when that unit moved to Helchteren.

Afterwards it was the turn of the MPs to move into this quarter, later joined by BLT LEOPOLDSBURG (Movement Control) . They all left the quarters in 2004, and Moorslede was left behind empty.

In October 2015 the quarters were opened to shelter refugees. Since the beginning of 2017 it was empty until it was reused again as as refugee shelter in 2019ais empty again.

 Research: Francis BENSCH

Translation by Patrick MARQUENIE


The effects of the Allied bombing of May 28, 1944 can still be seen on the eastern wall of the building.

Check out the old postcards too

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Emblem of the railway troops (P. Marquenie Collection)

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