The Mill

Text: Lieven DENEWET & Herman HOLEMANS - Translation by Patrick MARQUENIE

The Mountain-Mill (Bergmolen), mill of ‘t Kamp or mill Bemindt (as the constructor) is a stone-built grain windmill in the Molenstraat, near the present cemetery.

The mountain stone mill was built in 1846 by contractor Peter Bemindt -Annemans from Brussels. His clients were mainly the military. Municipal records from 1852 indicate that the mountain mill ever achieved a turnover of 400 tons of grain.

The mill had many different owners, who never held the mill for long. This economic activity lasted until 1935 when the wings were removed and the mill building was used as a storage space. In the 1960s the mill body was turned into dancing and so also Leopoldsburg had, next Paris, for some time a Moulin Rouge. This interior was removed.

Jos Quintens bought the hull in 1992 and started to restore the mill by his own hand in the summer of 2002. He wanted to do this for some time but just didn’t have the time. Because of the hovel tax more and, more work had to be done. In the meanwhile, the hull is repainted and new windows were placed. The owner had plans to re-introduce a rampart around the mill, but it was not realized . In 2013 the hull was sold to a private individual, who wants to renovate the complete hull, both internally and externally. Completing it as a windmill, however is not foreseen.

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