Het Strooiendorp (The Straw Village)

Het Strooiendorp (The Straw Village)

Het Strooiendorp (The Straw Village)


The hamlet of Strooiendorp lies between the military domain, the canal, and the center.

Already in 1857, after Beverlo had sold a large piece of heather, 296 hectares of land, divided into 204 lots, were sold.

In 1870 a new development plan was drawn up for this northern part of Bourg-Léopold. Municipal moorland (496 ha), divided into 376 plots of approximately 1.3 ha, was auctioned publicly. Just like in the military camp and in the center, the streets were laid out according to a strict checkerboard pattern. Over the years, the large parcels were re-parceled out and cross-streets were being constructed.

Before the First World War the hamlet Strooiendorp wore the name Kerkhoven, an area that stretched from Bourg-Léopold to Balen, Lommel and Eksel.

The church ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouw der Armen’ at ‘Strooiendorp’

On 7 January 1961 the ‘Strooiendorp’ became an independent parish. A large part of the social and cultural activities continue in and around the church ‘O.-L.-Vrouw Maagd der Armen’, built-in 1953.

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