Firing Range

Firing Range

The northern part of Camp Beverlo is used as a shooting field. Here you can find stands for firing and throwing grenades (see map). There is a lot of heath land and on sunny days the firing can cause fires.

In the past the electric firing disc ‘Commander Bremer’ was used (there is still a military quarter named after him). This disk consists of separate rings. Each ring is subdivided into 89 segments, each of which can be pressed separately by impact of a ball, resulting in electrical contact. This contact causes a numbered tumbler to fall on the hit indicator next to the shooter. The target plate is pushed back by a spring. 

The Bremers disc, unique in the world, was an invention of commander BREMER from 1903 and was purchased by the Netherlands, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Cuba, Germany, France and Russia.

The Bremer disc with the hit indicator at Quarters BREMER in Leopoldsburg

Thanks to this invention, Camp Beverlo was one of the most modern in Europe. It was equipped with 63 lines for individual and 5 lines for collective target practice.

More information about this disc can be found in an article from ‘Het Eenheidsblad 01-2015’ of Camp Beverlo

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