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Internment camp

The most memorable thing in the Beverlo camp was the internment camp that the German occupier organized there during the Second World War under the name Kriegs Wehrmacht Gefängnis Beverlo. From the beginning of the occupation, that prison was set up in the complex of the equestrian camp. The existing…

The Beverlo song

The Beverlo song is a Belgian protest song that was written in the aftermath of the First World War, when a revolutionary mood prevailed in Europe. The song describes the fate of the soldiers who in 1914 suddenly had to leave the Camp of Beverlo to fight the German invaders….


A Military Camp on the big heath Between 1830 and 1839 Belgium was living under a constant threat of the Netherlands. The ‘Tiendaagse Veldtocht’ (translated: ten-day campaign) of 1831 made this clear. And the refusal of Willem 1 to recognise Belgium confirmed it over eight years. The young Belgian nation…