The witch of Konterket

The witch of Konterket

Around 1835, the ‘Korteketenbrug’ (Korteketenbridge) across the Grote Beek (Big Brook) was often used to transport materials for the construction of Camp Beverlo. French speakers corrupted the name of the bridge to Pont-Contrequette, Flemish to Konterket.

On the south side of this bridge, however, a notorious neighbourhood developed, with many opportunities for our soldiers to enjoy themselves. For example, there were cafes, cabaret and ladies of light morals.

This is how the story of The Witch of Konterket was created, referring to the then aura that she would bewitch soldiers, causing them to lose their loved ones.

The witch is dressed in an orange-brown blouse with a light brown plaid skirt and a green apron. She also wears a striped faded scarf over the head and shoulders and has a witch broom in her hands.

Technical data


Height: 3 meters

Weight: 60 kg

Materials: metal and fabric

Transport: wheels – crawler

Year of birth: 1987

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