Mie Katoen (Mie Coton)

Mie Katoen (Mie Coton)

Mie Katoen was saleswoman of fabrics (buying and selling rags), hence her name.

Jan Soldaat fell in love with Mie. He left his bachelor life behind and married her.

It can be said of Mie Katoen that her anthem song is more famous than the giant herself. A lot of Flemish soldiers, stationed in Camp Beverlo, knew her song. The march song par excellence was: “Mie Katoen, come tomorrow noon, we will have a beer, Mie Katoen come tomorrow noon, we will do a dance.”

The first giants, made of bamboo, were 11 meters high and very heavy.

Technical data


Height: 3,80 meters

Weight: 90 kg

Materials: metal and fabric

Transport: wheels – crawler

Year of birth: 1935

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