Jan Soldaat (Soldier Jan)

Jan Soldaat (Soldier Jan)

In the year 1926, the 11th Line Regiment, which was located in the barracks of Leopoldsburg, celebrated for the first time the end of the camp period together with the locals. This party ended with a folkloric and satirical puppet parade that made fun of local conditions and people.

In 1930 the annual recurring festivity led to the birth of the giant “Jan Soldaat”.

Jan Soldaat was given the attributes of the 11th line regiment: a uniform from 1914-1918 (grey trousers and blue vest), a blue beret (characteristic of a drafted soldier) with the number 11 (badge of the 11th line) on it. In 1988 it was completely renewed and supported by a construction (50 kg) on ​​wheels.

Technical data


Height: 4 meters

Weight: 100 kg

Material: metal and fabric

Transport: wheels – crawler

Year of birth: 1930

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