Church ‘OLV Tenhemelopneming’

Church ‘OLV Tenhemelopneming’

The first parish church O.-L.-Vrouw Hemelvaart (now the Chapel of the Karmel) was inaugurated in 1843. From the first day on she was too small, but in spite of this she staid in use until 1903.

The new military church of Leopoldsburg was inaugurated on June 12 1903. In hardly 4 years time this beautiful church in neo-romanesque style was build by Captain Lebrun and his soldiers of the engineers. The architect is Albert D.C. Capronnier. The neo-romanesque style expresses itself as well on the inside as on the outside. We find thirteen beautiful round-arched stained-glass windows in the choir aisle. They tell stories out of the life of Jesus and his apostles. They are all copies of stained-glass windows of the cathedral of Chartres (France).

In 1968 the church was sold to the village for 500.000 Bfr . Since June 22 1999 the church is a preserved monument.

The foundation stone was laid in 1898
The almost finished church

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