Water pump

Water pump

The Water pump


Since April 25, 2010, the marketplace has once again a water pump. The historical society unveiled on Heritage Day, a historic water pump on the marketplace. Leopoldsburg had a dozen of such pumps, they served for drinking water, provided water for cleaning, and as a social meeting place. After World War II they were demolished. In many gardens stood an iron pump as an ornament.

The pump that is now on the marketplace was in the eighties removed from the Kolonel Van Heesbekestraat. Via Bob Van Baelen she ended up at the historical society. The technical service repaired the pump, gave her a tan, and made a commemorative plaque. Due to technical reasons, there is, unfortunately, no water coming out of it

The pump on the Place des Princes (since 1975 Bevrijdingsplein) from where Kolonel Van Heesbekestraat ends.
3D model by Martin BOGAERT

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