Making a website is one thing, but without help I would never been able to find all information and put it on the site. So here i’ve created a page to give certain people, organisations a big thanks (‘nen dikke merci’ like we say here):

  • my dear wife Nevena: you are my support and refuge at all times!
  • the late Francis BENSCH: you were ALWAYS prepared to lend me a hand with gathering information and postcards!
  • Patrick “Trikke” : gave me the info about Father Clement
  • Nick PEETERS: global info of Leopoldsburg
  • Sylvain WEUTS (museum Kamp van Beverlo): more than once you came with valuable information about Camp Beverlo
  • Theo SLOOTMAKERS (Historical Society of Leopoldsburg): has given me so much information about the history of Leopoldsburg
  • Luc DAB (Kamp van Beverlo): got me the info about the Camp Commanders
  • Dominique VERSCHUERE (Kamp van Beverlo): got me the info about the Camp Commanders
  • Bart VAN TRICHT (NMBS stations): station of Heppen
  • Jan VERHAEVEN (Train World Heritage): station of Heppen
  • Ronny DELBOEUF (CC Infra NOORD LEOPOLDSBURG): detailed information about the water tower
  • Jef LEYNEN: too much to sum up
  • An VANDERLINDEN: Victor Lemmens: article and photo
  • Isabelle M: information about Augustinus & Jules THUES
  • Paul BONNYNS: Jozef Vanderstraeten: obituary
  • Jef GEBOERS: Sherman-tank + Coletteke rijstpap
  • Jean-Pierre CHANOINE: Cycling tracks + information about Louis & Joseph LECOCQ
  • Godelieve AERTS: a lot of information about Leopoldsburg
  • Jos WOUTERS: information about Leopoldsburg and Camp Beverlo
  • Andy CAERTS: information about Heppen
  • Etienne BIES: photos of the cycling tracvk and the Deutsche Haus
  • Bram DIERCKX (BalenBevrijd.com): information + photos of the bombardment of May ’44 and the presence of the Kriegsmarine
  • Gerd VANTYGHEM: explanation about the Waffen-SS-arm eagle
  • Martin BOGAERT: explanation about the history of Camp Beverlo, maps and 3D-renderings

This article is also available in Nederlands