Tacambaro monument

Tacambaro monument

Tacambaro monument


In 1864 Mexico became an empire. The crown was offered to Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife, princes Charlotte, daughter of King Leopold I.

When the situation became too dangerous for emperor Maximilian, because of the civil war in Mexico, Belgium send an expedition corps to Mexico in 1865, without permission of the parliament. Our troops quickly became involved in the fights and the most violent battle took place in Tacambaro.

Empress Charlotte came to Europe to ask for help in vain: Emperor Maximilian was shot in 1867.

The pillar is six and a half meters high and carries the names of the fallen and the battles of Tacambaro, Loma, and Morelia, written in golden letters. The two bronze eagles, that decorate the monument, disappeared during WW I. During the restoration of the monument, in 2001, replicas of these eagles were placed on the monument.


The monument was erected in 1867 and was inaugurated silently, because of the agitation the expedition had caused in Belgium.

For your information: Oudenaarde also has a monument of Tacambaro.

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