Royal Park

Royal Park

The Royal Park


In 1837 the first part of the Royal Park was laid out: 7ha around the Royal Palace. The same year they started with massive plantings east of the camp. With this they wanted to break the winds that came from the plain to protect the infantry camp against the shifting sands.

In 1846 Minister Chazal sent the disciplinary company (company sans floche) to the Beverlo Camp. This meant that the camp had a large number of cheap labourers.
A beautiful 40-hectare park was built under the guidance of the horticultural school from Gembloux and engineer officers.
The park is divided into two equal parts by the Leopold II lane. The northern part, which was initially only accessible to officers and their families, was called the Royal Park. Everyone could walk through the southern part. Today, a large part of the park is open to the public.

More than 12,000 trees were planted in the park, of which 6,200 with surviving leaves.

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