… Leopoldsburg has a “Walk of Fame”?

… Leopoldsburg has a “Walk of Fame”?

Did You Know That Leopoldsburg has a “Walk of Fame”?


Everyone knows or has certainly heard of the “Walk of Fame” in Hollywood, the boulevard where world stars have their own street tile in the shape of a star. Only a few people know that Leopoldsburg has its own “Walk of Fame” since 03 June 2007. Here it is about famous Flemish people who grew up in Leopoldsburg. Who has a star? (click on the name to get more information via Wikipedia or Wikissage – unfortunately not all exist in English)

The Walk of Fame can be found in the Nicolaylaan (the section between Stationstraat and Koningstraat).

Some photos
Information Magazine of June 2007 (only in Dutch)

This article is also available in Nederlands

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