After a hurricane had destroyed the first parish church on the military domain, a new church was inaugurated in November 1843, just outside the domain.
This church was build in a neoclassical style and had place for just 300 persons. This was not nearly enough for the numerous soldiers.
In 1906, after the new church (OLV Tenhemelopnemingkerk) was build, the little church was sold. It was used as a storage facility. In 1924 it was sold again to the sisters Carmelites (karmelietessen), who are still using the chapel today. The monastery, which was build next to the chapel, is being used since 1924.
The foundation was realised under impuls of priest Poppe who at that time was also the spiritual director of the Centre d’Instructions de Brancardiers et d’Imfirmiers (C.I.B.I.). Mother (Mère) Jeanne de la Croix was the first prioress.

At the end of May 2012 the last sisters left the convent. Here you can read an article.

Nowadays this location is rented out for all kinds of events.

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