Church ‘OLV Maagd der Armen’

Church ‘OLV Maagd der Armen’

In 1953 Father Asteer heard that the Leopoldsburg Dean intended to build a new chapel in het Strooiendorp, but nothing had happened until then. Asteer saw an opportunity, he went there and started cutting stones on his own. He got help from the people and together they built the church. Asteer became a parish priest and also came to live in a very modest house, close to the church.

The church was dedicated to Our Lady of the Poor. The first celebration took place on 1954. In 1961 het Strooiendorp was elevated to a parish.

Asteer had a real Franciscan soul, so he wanted a statue of Saint Francis next to the church. He held a biennial Francis Procession and flower festivals.

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