Pavilion of the Place Commander

Pavilion of the Place Commander

The exploitation of the infrastructure for the camping troops were not managed by a garrison, but by an unit that had a seven months permanence and then was relieved. Which unit at any time before the war took on this task has not been found. In addition to these units, there were also continuous two doctors and a pharmacist at the camp site. In the winter months they were the only soldiers who stayed in the camp. When the camp period came, they were reinforced by military and civilian personnel.

The services of the Camp Command will be centralized in a building on the edge of the Royal Park. This was built in 1879 and restored in 1937. It is a simple classic house with a floor and plastered exterior walls. For over a hundred years provides shelter to the commander of the camp. The construction of the park surrounding the building changed regularly.

An overview of the Place Commanders since WWII

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