Old Military Hospital

Old Military Hospital

The military hospital finds it origin in the first non-permanent ambulant Camp in 1835. It was completely erected in wood. In that same year Camp Beverlo got created and together with the arrival of the military, health problems occurred. Since 1839 the definite extension of the military hospital found place.

The first buildings, like the ones who still exist, are dated 1850. The special structure of building with low-rise building and stone arched vaults, separate pavilions connected with hundreds of meters of corridor, which encloses as well inner-yard, was for the time a trend-setting architecture. That architecture had special attention towards health issue, like a good ventilation of the sick bay by using large windows.
Since 1901 the hospital was extended with a special ward for tubercular patients. For that a special gallery with a glass roof was build.
In 1913 the hospital was an other time enlarged with eight sick bays, a new pharmacy and an administrative building.

During World War I and II the hospital was requisitioned by the Germans. German prisoners of war and doctors staid until December 20 1948.
Since 1951 the hospital was functional again and in 1971 it became a medical centre for the soldiers. After a new medical centre was build the hospital is used as the museum of Camp Beverlo.

Unfortunately, it is said that the museum will move. What will happen next with this building is still unknown …

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