Scouting museum St-Paulus

When the scouts were celebrating their 60-years of existence and the Guides their 40-years existence, the rich collection was presented to the public. The Saint-Paul museum, named tot the patron saint of the venture scouts, was born. A lot of scouting organisations come to visit the museum. But people become more and more interested because the Scouts of Leopoldsburg have a lot of interesting material in their possession, like uniforms, tent camps, instruments, models, standards and flags and a real old caravan with First Aid box, from from the good old days. The logbooks recall a lot of memories of the scouts. The museum is located behind the Postal Office and near the church of the centre (O.L.V. Tenhemelopneming).




Koning Leopold III-laan, 3970 Leopoldsburg
Info: Tourism Leopoldsburg
Tel: 011/40.21.84

Responsible museum: René Theys (0475/96.08.28)

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