Quarters Antwerp

On April 14, 1879, the École d’application et et de perfectionnement pour l’infanterie was founded in Camp Beverlo. She was a result of the findings and innovations gained in the Franco-German conflict of 1870. The complex was built in 1907 and consisted of six buildings, which were arranged in a right triangle with a blunted corner . Only the side that was parallel to the Koning Albertlaan consisted of 4 different buildings. Most facades had bays, each with double windows in basket arch masonry and continuous cordon tables in brick. The school aimed to form instructors, who would visit the regiments to instruct the practical skills with firearms and tactical thinking. Their training was expanded in 1893 with general military subjects. In the period 1900-1914 the program had evolved into a highly experimental training that lasted two years. In addition, the school had special assignments relating to experiments with weapons.

Today, this quarter is still used. On the courtyard the Gaillon Monument can be found.

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