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Dune of the executed

Deep in the forest of the Beverlo Camp lies a hidden war cemetery, only known in the area as the “Secret Cemetery”. During the Second World War, only local residents knew about the lurid place because they heard groans and screams at night. Here the German Army executed and buried…

The Solarium

This article is from De Bourg 4/2010 From Latin: place where one can take a sunbath, also solarium. Before 1940, in the mid-harvest period, the owners and managers organized all kinds of water sports such as competitive swimming, clean-diving of the two seesaws. Water polo matches were also regularly held…

Internment camp

The most memorable thing in the Beverlo camp was the internment camp that the German occupier organized there during the Second World War under the name Kriegs Wehrmacht Gef√§ngnis Beverlo. From the beginning of the occupation, that prison was set up in the complex of the equestrian camp. The existing…

Home of the first mayor

Old postcards of the Church ‘OLV Tenhemelopneming’ and the old post office also regularly mention the home of the first mayor, Vander Elst. You can also find a sign on the building itself that states this. Let’s go back to 1844, when BOURG’s allotment plan is already 2 years old….