Het Centrum (the center)

Het Centrum (the center)

The center is located in the heart of Leopoldsburg and can be divided into three neighborhoods.
The central part where all major facilities such as shops, catering establishments, banks and almost all public buildings are found. It is the heart of Leopoldsburg where the weekly market takes place.

The Sint-Antoniuswijk (district), located behind the railway, is a residential area with a mosaic of architectural styles. This residential unit forms a symmetrical grid composed of seven quadrangles.

A third district lies almost along the Antwerpse steenweg (road from Leopoldsburg to balen/Mol), between the Beverlo canal and the railway.

The weekly Saturday market in the center

The center has always been the center of Leopoldsburg, although not the first inhabitants lived here. The district “de Zandberg” (the sand hill) also belongs to the center, halfway between the market square and the Quatre Bras. The name Zandberg refers to the only dune back that is still left in the center. At the end of the nineteenth century, the Zandberg (now Leonard Meesstraat) was a meeting place for walkers, booths and market vendors. For lovers: on the Zandberg was once the first chip shop of Limburg!


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