Ditch of the Dead

On a few meters from the Royal Atheneum in the Martelarenlaan, besides the railway and a small ditch, is a graveyard monument and 22 small crosses. The monument was build in remembrance of the 22 assassinated prisoners by a detachment of the Flemish SS.

On September 4 1944 the Germans transferred the remaining 900 prisoners to the state police. All prisoners were immediately released.

On September 6 1944 numerous ex-prisoners were still in Leopoldsburg. A part of them were given shelter in Brasserie Léopold. SS-ers of the Division Langemarck got word of this and gathered together a group of 39 ex-prisoners at what we know call the ‘Dodengracht’. There they were shot. Only 17 escaped death in a miraculous way.

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