De Boskant (the woodside)

De Boskant (the woodside)

The hamlet of ‘de Boskant’ is the oldest hamlet in Leopoldsburg. When the camp was built, the first citizen settlements were erected south of the infantry camp. It consisted mainly of shabby barracks and cafes. The most crowded café was that of ‘Coletteke Rijstpap’, where the soldiers came to eat rice pudding and drink butter brand (see also the page about ‘Coletteke rijstpap’).

In this southern edge of the camp the ‘Grote Beek’ (great brook) flows with its infamous ‘Korteketenbrug’ (Korteketen bridge), over which the pioneers passed with their material from May 1835 onwards.

Colleteke Rijstpap

View of the Contrequette or the Korteketen bridge

By extending the road Leopoldsburg-Boskant to Korspel, the Corspelsestraat has become one of the most important approach roads of Leopoldsburg. The construction of new homes, a military district (1976) and a civil district (1989) also greatly increased traffic intensity.


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