Category: <span>Monuments</span>

Monument of Louis Goetz

The memorial tablet in the Engenstraat in Heppen remembers of sergeant Goetz, of the 1st Belgian Grouping (Brigade Piron). During a patrol in the night from 11 to 12 September 1944 this cadet-candidate-officer was hit in the heart by a German sniper. The sniper was on a distance of 500…

Cavendish monument

On September 9, 2004 the monument CAVENDISH was revealed. The monument was made by Bart Heylen and exists out of ashlar and marble. It symbolises Major CAVENDISH and two unknown soldiers. With this monument we want to honour all foreign soldiers, who died during the liberation of Leopoldsburg and Heppen….

Heikapper (Heath Cutter)

The statue of the Heath cutter is a tribute to the many poor Heath cutters of Heppen who worked the heath in the past centuries out of bitter necessity. The sculpture made of bluestone was modeled by Jef Haesen after the 82-year-old Sus Caelen, who practiced this activity in his…