Successive owners:

  • 1846: build by  Pieter Bemindt-Annemans, constructor in Brussels.
  • 1854: sold to Karel de Jonker, merchant in Brussels.
  • 1866: sold to Matheus Mallet and children, miller in Leopoldsburg.
  • 1873: sold to Pieter Sak-Mallet, town clerk in Eksel.
  • 1874: sold to Franciscus Van Elsen-Oeyen, miller in Balen.
  • 1876: sold to Franciscus Van Elsen-?, miller in Leopoldsburg.
  • 1877: sold to Bonaventure Cornelissen, miller in Leopoldsburg.
  • 1882: sold to Jan Baptist Willekens, miller in Leopoldsburg.
  • 1890: sold to Eugeen, Prosper, Melanie and Clementine Kenens (for 4/5),
    brewers in Peer and to Mathias Slegten- Kenens (for 1/5), constructor in Peer.
  • 1891: by division to Prosper Kenens-Leemans, merchant in Peer.
  • 1901: sold to Arthur Debrij-Schellens, doctor in Leopoldsburg.
  • 1927: sold to Alfons Zels-Oorks, miller in Heppen. His son Gerard runs the mill in Leopoldsburg.
  • 1948: by divison: Gerard Zels-Lenskens, salesman in Leopoldsburg.
  • 1965: sold to De Leener-Sallard, Innkeeper (founded a pub in the trunk).
  • 1968: sold to Etienne Bruggeman-Wagenaer, salesman in Lutlommel. 
  • 1976: sold to Juliette Wagenaer and Johny Bruggeman.
  • 1992: sold to Jos Quintens.
  • 2013: sold in private



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