The last 5 updates can be found here. But as always I’ve some plans to make other updates:

Foreseen for 2017 and later:

    • History (being translated)
    • Old Brewery
    • Chalet of Asdonck
    • The ‘Schans’ (looking for information)
    • Heppen:
  • Monuments:
    • Albert I
  • Buildings:
    • Chapel of Immert
  • Locations (new):
    • the Dunes
    • the Royal Parc
    • Schooting range
  • History:
    • Military Graveyard
    • Coletteke Rijstpap
    • Hamlets of Leopoldsburg
  • Disappeared:
    • Quatre Bras – Mijn Koningshuis (My Royal House)
    • Railwaystation of Heppen  (processing received information)
    • Drinking place for horses (looking for/ gathering information)
    • Bathing place for horses (looking for/ gathering information)
  • Street-names:
    • Gillainstraat
    • Baron Rucquoylaan
  • Old Postcards
    • Messages from the past (interesting postcards send out of Camp Beverlo) (postponed)
  • Links
    • A new page with some intersting links, all about the history of Leopoldsburg. (postponed)

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