Street names




The French general Ferdinand Foch was commander of the Allied troops at the Western front, during the last part of WW I. Foch was chosen, by the allieds, to be supreme commander of the Allied troops, after the German offensive in 1918 and launched a whole number of counter-offensives which ultimately lead to the victory.
On the Military Domain used to be a prison, called ‘Malakoff’ (named after the bastion Sebastopol in Russia). This was the home of the detention company, also called the company ‘sans floche’. The prison was damaged by the German bombardments in May 1940 and was completely pulled down around 1950.
Marcel Torfs was born in Leopoldsburg on June 14, 1921. During WW II he was deported to Germany. He died in Camp ‘Büchenwald’ on March 19, 1945.
The mill was build in 1846 by the contractor Pieter Bemindt- Annemans. The mill was in action until 1935, then the sails were removed. From that point all, all activity in the mill was suspended. More info can be found in ‘Buildings‘.
The person to whom the avenue was called is a certain Ferdinand Nicolay.
He was born on April 30, 1770 at Stavelot. He died in Brussels on Oktober 15, 1854. He never lived in Leopoldsburg, it’s not even certain that he ever staid in the village. The local archives are very unclear about this man.