LeonardStraatHenri Joseph Leonard was the third (October 21 1873 until 1885) and fifth (March 12 1891 until March 5 1898) mayor of Leopoldsburg.

He was born in Rochefort on August 24, 1821 and died in Leopoldsburg on March 5, 1898.
LeonardMeesStraat Leonard Mees was de achtste burgemeester Leonard Mees was the eighth mayor of Leopoldsburg (1923 until 1927).

He was born in Testelt on November 23, 1863 and died in Leopoldsburg on September 8, 1931.
LeopoldILaan Leopold I, fully: Leopold George Christiaan Frederik (Coburg December 16, 1790 – Laken December 10, 1865), first King of Belgians (1831–1865), son of duke Frans van Saksen-Coburg, from the House of Saksen-Coburg-Gotha. With his wife (his second marriage – August 9, 1832) Louise Marie, daughter of the French king Louis-Philippe, he had four children: Lodewijk Filips (1833–1834), later Leopold (II), Filips and Charlotte.KoningLeopoldI
LeopoldIILaanLeopold II, fully: Leopold Lodewijk Filips Marie Victor (Brussels April 9, 1835 – Laken December 17, 1909), second King of Belgians (1865–1909), son and throne continuator of Leopold I, from the House of Saksen-Coburg-Gotha.
His lifework is the foundation of the ‘Onafhankelijke Kongostaat’ (Independant Kongostate), of which he was recognised sovereign in 1885. The critisism on his policy and the materal difficulty to manage such a immense area, led eventually to the adoption of the Kongostate by Belgium on October 8, 1908.Out of Leopolds’ marriage (August 22, 1853) with archduchess Maria Hendrika van Oostenrijk four children were born: Louise (1858–1924), Leopold (1859–1869), Stéphanie (1864–1945) and Clémentine (1872–1955).
LeopoldIIILaanThe most beautiful avenue of Leopoldsburg was inaugurated, by King Boudewijn in 1985, and was named the Koning Leopold III-laan, to honour heis deceased father.Leopold III, complete: Leopold Filips Karel Albert Meinrad Hubertus Maria Miguel (Brussels November 3, 1901 – Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe September 25, 1983), fourth king of Belgians (1934–1951), oldest son and throne continuator of King Albert I, from the House of Saksen-Coburg-Gotha. On November 8, 1926 he married prinses Astrid of Zweden (died in 1935).In 1941 Leopold married Lilian Baels. The notice of that marriage caused a lot of constirnation with the people. On July 16, 1951 he definitely stepped awau from the throne in favour of his son Boudewijn, but he kept the title of king.KoningLeopoldIII
LouisLecocqStraatLouis Napoleon Lecocq was the ninth mayor of Leopoldsburg (January 1927 until April 21 1938).

He was born in Leopoldsburg on April 21 1865 and died in Leopoldsburg on April 21, 1938.
LtCormeauMathieu Cormeau, zoon van onderwijzer Mathieu Cormeau, son of teacher Corneil Corneau, was a lieutenant in the 11th Linie-regiment when WW II started. He was killed at the age of 33, on May 20, 1940, during shelling of the village Sleidinge.