KarmellaanAfter a hurricane had destroyed the first parish church on the military domain, a new church was inaugurated in November 1843, just outside the domain.

This church was build in a neoclassical style and had place for just 300 persons. This was not nearly enough for the numerous soldiers.

In 1906, after the new church (OLV Tenhemelopnemingkerk) was build, the little church was sold. It was used as a storage facility. In 1924 it was sold again to the sisters ‘karmelietessen’, who are still using the chapel today. The monastery, which was build next to thecahpel, is being used since 1924.

The foundation was realised under impuls of priest Poppe who at that time was also the spiritual director of the Centre d’ Instructions de Brancardiers et d’ Imfirmiers (C.I.B.I.). Mother (Mère) Jeanne de la Croix was the first prioress.More info can be found in Buildings.

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Charlotte Marie Amélie Auguste Victoire Clémentine Léopoldine (Laken June 7, 1840 – Castle Boechout, Meise, January 19, 1927), empress of Mexico, princess of Belgium, only daughter of the Belgian king Leopold I, married Maximilian of Austria on July 27, 1857, who was the brother of emperor Frans Jozef. After her husband was shot down by followers of Juarez, her disease became worse (mental derangement); Leopold II assigned the Castle of Tervuren and after 1879 the Castle of Meise to his sister.KeizerinCharlotte

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Albert I, Albert Léopold Clément Marie Meinrad (Brussels April 8 1875 – Marche-les-Dames February 17 1934), third King of Belgians. He was entitled to the crown since his brother Boudewijn had died in 1891. On December 23 1909 he succeeded his uncle Leopold II – he was the first king to take the constitutional oath in both vernacular languages.
Albert found death while climbing a hill. He was married to Elisabeth on Oktober 2 1900, duchess of Bavaria, who gave him three children: Leopold, later to be Leopold III (November 3 1901), Karel, who became regent in 1944 (Oktober 10 1903) and Marie-José (August 4 1906).
KoninginAstridpleinAstrid Sophie Louise Thyra (Stockholm November 17, 1905 – Küssnacht, Swiss, August 29, 1935). In 1926 she married the Belgian crown prince Leopold, later to be king Leopold III. She gave life to princess Joséphine-Charlotte (October 11, 1927), prins Boudewijn (September 7, 1930) and prins Albert (June 6, 1934). Queen Astrid was very much loved by the Belgian population. She died in a car crash.KoninginAstrid
KoninginElisabethlaanElisabeth Gabrielle Valérie Marie (Possenhofen July 25, 1876 – Brussels November 23, 1965) married Albert on Oktober 2, 1900, than crown prins of Belgium. She was familiar with medicin and became very popular during WW I, because of her care of the nursing of soldiers from the front of the Yser. After the war she expressed the same care in numerous of medical and philantropic foundations. Elisabeth showed interest as well in art and science In 1937 the first International Music Contest Eugène Ysaye took place, with patronage of the ‘Fondation Musicale Reine Elisabeth’, in 1950 this was extended to the famous International Music Contest Queen Elisabeth of Belgium. In 1939 she founded the Music Band Queen Elisabeth in Argenteuil.KoninginElisabeth
KoninginLouisa-MarialaanLouise Marie (Palermo April 3, 1812 – Ostend October 11, 1850) was the daughter of the French king Louis-Philippe. She married Leopold I, King of Belgians on August 9, 1832.KoninginLouisa-Maria
KoninginMarie-HenrietteLaan Maria Hendrika (Budapest August 23, 1836 – Spa September 19, 1902), daughter of archduke Jozef of Austria, from the House of Habsburg, married Leopold in 1853, who became Leopold II, King of Belgians in 1865. From 1893 she was living in Spa. KoninginMarie-Henriette