it is again (too) long ago sice anything on this site was changed. Even though I started working on new items in February, it took until today (the first day of my vacation) before I had the time to finalize them.

These are the new additions:

  1. in Monuments: Bust of Albert I
  2. in Locations: the Royal Parc
  3. in Disappeared:
    1. the Bathing place for horses
    2. the Drinking place for horses
  4. Not direct connected me to this site, but starting on September 01 2018 my webshop will be active. This shop will only be in Dutch, so I didn’t make a link to the English part of the site The shop is ment to sell al by double postcards on a good price (instad of putting them on expensive bidding sites). It’s not open yet, but you can already have a look…

During my vacation I will do some minor corrections.

If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be working in Leopoldsburg again from mid September That will give me extra time to even more complete the information on this site!

Greetings from Leopoldsburg,


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