2018: a first update … a first digital booklet!

Dear visitor,

by now the new year is already 15 days ‘old’, so time for a first update. I’ve put a digital booklet about the bombardment of the OL Lady Visition Institute on May 28 1944. The quality is not optimal, but I had to do it with scans that I have received. I’m still looking for the original booklet, so if you woukld run into it, please let me know.

During my vacation I have improved some other things:

  1. Changing photos and an update banner on the welcome page;
  2. Changing photos on the main page of History and Street Names;
  3. Changing photos + a Google map on the main page of Buildings Monuments, Locations, Museums and Disappeared;
  4. New buttons in Street Names + a number of renewd tables (not all are done).

Hopfully you will find these changes an improvement as well.


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