The end of the year…

The end of the year is coming close and as every year I’m having a look on what’s new on the site. And as so many years I come to the conclusion that I wanted to do much more  😥

Lately it has been very silent here indeed and the cause for this was the fact that I got  1200 ‘new’ old cards in my possession and  I was looking/sorting out/ scanning them. Maybe you’ve noticed that the number of cards in the POSTCARDS GALLERY has risen a lot (almost 1500)  😀

But, what will i do before the end of the year? Well underneath you find my plan:

    • History of Heppen will be added.
    • New page for the different subjects will be created and the menu (leftside) will disappear.
    • The Châlet d’Asdonck will be added.
    • The Dunes of Hechtel will be added.
    • The Mill of Heppen will be added..
    • The old brewery will be added..
    • My references: out of which literature / websites does the most of the information on this website come.

So yes, still a lot of work to do. On the page UPDATES  you can always follow the progress.

Do you have any other ideas or informations which could be interesting, then please let me know via the CONTACTFORM.

With ‘Kampse’ greetings,



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