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Dear visitor,

I am very glad that you have found your way to this website.

The history of Leopoldsburg has always interested me, as being a ‘Kampenaar’ (= inhabitant of Leopoldsburg). The more I began to read, the more I became fascinated with the history. But while reading a lot I also came in touch with many old photographs and postcards. So it was only a small step to start collecting postcards!. Today I have already over 3000 in my collection.

On this site you will find especially stuff about the history. But there are some links to the present too …You’ll find info about the mayors, the existing museums, but also about disappeared buildings in ‘t Kamp (= how we call Leopoldburg).

As you will notice this site is certainly not finished! I’m still looking for information about (disappeared) buildings, locations etc… There is Always something on my to-do list which you can find on this page… But I can always use your help too. I’m still looking for a lot of information, such as U can see on this page (only in Dutch)… Your help is highly apreciated!

In any case I wish you much fun visiting this website. If you have any questions / comments than you can reach me via the contactform!

Patrick Marquenie