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The last update of 2017

It’s done! I won’t be publishing anymore updates this year. The latest new pages are:

I’ll be doing some retouches like:

  • Redoing the pages of the Street names (sometimes there are issues when looked at them via Microsoft Edge)
  • Make postcard pages of Streets/squares via the new gallery and remove the old ones
  • Replacing a number of photos
  • Removing the Photo gallery

And yes, starting on December 07 there will be snow on the site…

Update of info over Heppen

Well I’m happy to announce that Heppen has been a little more present on the website. These updates I’ve put through:

  1. In History: the History of Heppen
  2. In Buildings: the Châlet D’Asdonck
  3. In Disappeared:
    1. The mill of Heppen
    2. The Old Brewery

Next year I would like to put information over the ‘Schans’ on the website and maybe I’ll get some more ideas from left or right.

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The end of the year…

The end of the year is coming close and as every year I’m having a look on what’s new on the site. And as so many years I come to the conclusion that I wanted to do much more  😥

Lately it has been very silent here indeed and the cause for this was the fact that I got  1200 ‘new’ old cards in my possession and  I was looking/sorting out/ scanning them. Maybe you’ve noticed that the number of cards in the POSTCARDS GALLERY has risen a lot (almost 1500)  😀

But, what will i do before the end of the year? Well underneath you find my plan:

    • History of Heppen will be added.
    • New page for the different subjects will be created and the menu (leftside) will disappear.
    • The Châlet d’Asdonck will be added.
    • The Dunes of Hechtel will be added.
    • The Mill of Heppen will be added..
    • The old brewery will be added..
    • My references: out of which literature / websites does the most of the information on this website come.

So yes, still a lot of work to do. On the page UPDATES  you can always follow the progress.

Do you have any other ideas or informations which could be interesting, then please let me know via the CONTACTFORM.

With ‘Kampse’ greetings,



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Bigger update: locations

Before the holidays, I wanted to expand the new part of the locations. Because my job was a little less demanding I also succeeded. So from now on you will find on the locations page:

I still have some more ideas to work out, but first it’s time for vacation!


Another small update

It seems to become a good month: again I managed to get a small update done. I wanted to do monthly updates, but it just ain’t possible (yet)!

This time I’ve updated the page with Commanders of Camp Beverlo since WW II:

  • New commander was added
  • Missing photos were added

In the mean time I’m trying to get the page of Beverlo Canal ready in the section Locations!


New section started: LOCATIONS

Before the vacation I’ve put a new section online: LOCATIONS

Momentarely only the Military Airfield is available (old postcards included), but also the following locations will follow:

  • the Royal Parc
  • the Canal
  • the Shooting Range
  • the Dunes

Postcard collection – New subjects

These as well were planned since long: to bring online some new subjects: (click on the card to go to the corresponding album)

The Inspection:
The Officers’ mess of the Cavalry:

By now 1062 cards are online. This isn’t everything out of my collection, which surely isn’t the biggest one (onfortunately 🙂 ) but it might be 1 of the most accessible!

Are you also looking for old post cards of Leopoldsburg – Camp Beverloo? Have a look at my shop on



Adaptation pages with postcard albums

Also the pages with postcards about the kiosk, Malakoff prison, Royal palace and Officers’ mess of the Infantry were redone. These are sjust some minor updates but they need some time.
Next updates will probably be the ones with postcards of streets…

Finally some updates

Finally found some time to attack the website. This time, however, I did not post new information, but I’m updating the pages of the old postcards. There were still a lot of albums from the old gallery and, to my surprise, I found some non-working links. So now I have modified the pages for:

  • Quarters Antwerpen
  • Building of the Military Intendant
  • Town Hall of Leopoldsburg
  • Icehouse
  • Karmel
  • Church OLV
  • Mill
  • Quarters Moorslede
  • Old Military Hospital
  • Old Military Bakery
  • Old Military Butchery
  • Old Military Slaughterhouse
  • Old Military Laundry
  • Paviljon of the Commander of the Engineers
  • Paviljon of the Place Commander
  • Old Postal Office
  • Railwaystation of Leopoldsburg
  • Villa Astrid
  • Water tower
  • Town Hall of Heppen

I hope to have some more time in the holiday months so I can make some new pages public.

One more decision: The page photos will no longer be updated. In 2018 the page will be removed. Only the photo albums about certain events will, one way or another, be retained.

I wish you already a very nice vacation,


A small update

Unfortunately I just do not have the time to do a big update of the site… But I did put new postcards online. After the cavalry camp now the infantry camp has received a spot.