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A small update

Unfortunately I just do not have the time to do a big update of the site… But I did put new postcards online. After the cavalry camp now the infantry camp has received a spot.

Mayors of Heppen

After visiting the Museum of Local History in Heppen I found some extra information to update the page of the mayors! So the website is a bit completer again  😆

Postcards on Sunday

Once more I’ve put extra postcards online and this time with subject: EXERCISES. Personaly I think this is a very nice series… You can find them under 07 Camp Beverloo

The Old Presbytery of Heppen

As I mentioned before I want to update the part about Heppen. A visit to the Historical Museum was part of it of course… Today I’ve put the place of that museum, the old presbytery, online. A link to the postcards that I poces was put too (even though I only have to at this moment).

In the meanwhile I’ve received a lot of information about the Station of Heppen. But I’ll need more time to process that…


More postcards

And voilà! Some more new themes uploaded in the new postcard-gallery:

  1. Camp Beverloo
    1. The Artillery
    2. Relaxation
    3. Movements
  2. Locations: Military Graveyard
  3. Special Series

… but also other cards were added. You can also see this by the marking (*) behind the number of cards. At changed albums this marking will be there to 15 days after the change!

January – last update

The first month has ended! The most changes has been done in the new postcards-gallery. Since today a new part has been put online: Camp Beverloo. The first albums are about the Merchants and Transportation… But I still have a lot of cards to scan!

In the meanwhile the links of old postcards of Monuments have been changed as well. Slowly but surely we’re getting there!







💡  The snow will disappear on February 01

Postcards update: the shooting range

I’m not planning to put write a post with every minor update of the postacards collection, but this time is a special case. I’ve namely started a new series online and to be specific ‘The Shooting Range’. Cards about the (electronic) targets, shooting itself, and other cards linked to firing practice will find their way to this spot. At this moment 51 cards are uploaded… My goal is to start more series this year. Unfortunately the scanning and processing of the cards is very time consuming!

So why don’t you go to my postcard-gallery now to find out what has changed 😀  ?

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First minor update!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting with some updates about Heppen. Well, the photo of church St-Blasius has been renewed, as well the links to the old postcards. Also 2 photos were added to the page of the mayors: namely Augustinus & Jules THUES. I hope more will follow in the future!

Best Wishes for 2017

First of all my Best Wishes for the New Year!

From now on the new gallery for my postcard collection is online. I went much faster than I expected! 🙂  From now on I’ll slowly start to change the links from the different buildings / monuments / streets as well so you will arrive in the new gallery.

I’ve decided for the next updates to be about Heppen: the history, the old brewery, the Chalet of Asdonck.

A whole year time to expand this website a bit. Do you have remarks, or maybe something interesting to add to this site, please don’t hesitate and contact me via the contact form!

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Last updates of the year

Like I already announced some updates would still be done this year!

  1. More postcards online
  2. Pater ASTEERstraat + article
  3. Victor Lemmens:  photo plus article
  4. Thanks-page
  5. As announced the Guestbook was removed!

My very best wishes for the New Year