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Update of info over Heppen

Well I’m happy to announce that Heppen has been a little more present on the website. These updates I’ve put through: In History: the History of Heppen In Buildings: the Châlet D’Asdonck In Disappeared: The […]

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The end of the year…

The end of the year is coming close and as every year I’m having a look on what’s new on the site. And as so many years I come to the conclusion that I wanted […]

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Harley Davidson

MY SUPPORT THEY HAVE ALREADY!   PETITIONwe Motorcyclists, catering managers, professionals, spectators ascertain The board of the municipality Leopoldsburg has decided this year to reduce the Harley from 3 days to 1 day. The local […]

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‘Kamp Carnaval’ – The Parade

The day of the parade… The weather report predicted a very dark and rainy day, but eventually it turned out nit to be that bad. It started sunny, with now and then a cloud… But […]

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‘Kamp Carnaval’

It’s the tradition that the evening before ‘Kamp Carnaval’ (Carnival in Leopoldsburg) the witch gets burned. So that happened also this year and as always also this year timings were not respected… But there was […]

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Harley Days

The infamous weeknd of July has arrived: the Harley Days in Leopoldsburg! The centrum of town is literally taken over by Harley fans, with their shiny machines and their biker babes! The weather was great! […]

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‘Kamp Knalt’ – Street Run

It has become a yearly tradition to take some photos of the street run. But I think this tradition is about to end. Nowadays everyone walks around with a camera and has the appreciation of […]

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Sanicole Sunset Airshow

It was the time of the year to go to the Sanicole Sunset Airshow! Again I’ve received a press invitation from the organization, for which I want to thank them very much. And as usual […]

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Military Worldchampionships Cycling – Medal Parade

The medal parade took place on the Queen Astrid square in Leopoldsburg. An attempt of the army to get the population involved in this event. But, they failed big time! Only if you had a […]

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Military Worldchampionships Cycling

On September 4 the Military Worldchampionships Cycling took place at Leopoldsburg. For the very first time the women could battle for the rainbow jersey as well. Unfortunately not many people showed up to cheer for […]

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