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Update of info over Heppen

Well I’m happy to announce that Heppen has been a little more present on the website. These updates I’ve put through:

  1. In History: the History of Heppen
  2. In Buildings: the Châlet D’Asdonck
  3. In Disappeared:
    1. The mill of Heppen
    2. The Old Brewery

Next year I would like to put information over the ‘Schans’ on the website and maybe I’ll get some more ideas from left or right.

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The end of the year…

The end of the year is coming close and as every year I’m having a look on what’s new on the site. And as so many years I come to the conclusion that I wanted to do much more  😥

Lately it has been very silent here indeed and the cause for this was the fact that I got  1200 ‘new’ old cards in my possession and  I was looking/sorting out/ scanning them. Maybe you’ve noticed that the number of cards in the POSTCARDS GALLERY has risen a lot (almost 1500)  😀

But, what will i do before the end of the year? Well underneath you find my plan:

    • History of Heppen will be added.
    • New page for the different subjects will be created and the menu (leftside) will disappear.
    • The Châlet d’Asdonck will be added.
    • The Dunes of Hechtel will be added.
    • The Mill of Heppen will be added..
    • The old brewery will be added..
    • My references: out of which literature / websites does the most of the information on this website come.

So yes, still a lot of work to do. On the page UPDATES  you can always follow the progress.

Do you have any other ideas or informations which could be interesting, then please let me know via the CONTACTFORM.

With ‘Kampse’ greetings,



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Harley Davidson




Motorcyclists, catering managers, professionals, spectators


The board of the municipality Leopoldsburg has decided this year to reduce the Harley from 3 days to 1 day.
The local authority has decided this year to set the atmosphere on the backburner again by introducing a new line in the demarcated area.
By entering these decisions they threaten the Harley extinction!
This we can not let that happen! Therefore let your voice be heard and sign this petition.

and requests

The preservation of the Harley days in its present form of 3 days!
Preserving the atmosphere in the demarcated area!

The petition can be found HERE!

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‘Kamp Carnaval’ – The Parade

The day of the parade… The weather report predicted a very dark and rainy day, but eventually it turned out nit to be that bad. It started sunny, with now and then a cloud… But eventually we did get some drops of rain.

The parade self was very beautiful and with over 40 groups we surely can’t complain. Only was it a pity that we had to wait very long before it passed. Typically Leopoldsburg we never know what the circuit is… Well were we informed where not to park and which roads would be closed…

Now, if you’re looking for the photos, you can find them here!

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‘Kamp Carnaval’

It’s the tradition that the evening before ‘Kamp Carnaval’ (Carnival in Leopoldsburg) the witch gets burned. So that happened also this year and as always also this year timings were not respected…

But there was something new this year: I wasn’t the only one dragging a tripod around… Seems like some were taking photos for a school assignment…

The series of the witch burning and fireworks can be found HERE

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Harley Days

The infamous weeknd of July has arrived: the Harley Days in Leopoldsburg! The centrum of town is literally taken over by Harley fans, with their shiny machines and their biker babes!

The weather was great! Sometimes a cloud that passed by, but that couldn’t spoil the fun… To take photos I had to ‘bake’ a little, had to put in my earplugs and had to breath in a lot of exhaust fumes… But I reached my goal: I have photos 😈

As always I’ll need some time to process them… This time I have only a small 7000 pictures, so I should finish this week… Update: I have to admit that the processing of the photos is going slower than I had expected… I’m about half way right now 🙄 … All photos will be placed in the photogallery of, but since there are too many I had to divide them into 2 albums: Part 1 & Part 2.

I dedicate these photos to my good friend Francis Bensch, who has left this world much too soon!



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‘Kamp Knalt’ – Street Run

It has become a yearly tradition to take some photos of the street run. But I think this tradition is about to end. Nowadays everyone walks around with a camera and has the appreciation of the organization become even less than before… Well, the photos of this year are being put on the website as always. Three albums were made, you can find them underneath:

  1. Kids Run
  2. Jogging
  3. Run for Fame



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Sanicole Sunset Airshow

It was the time of the year to go to the Sanicole Sunset Airshow! Again I’ve received a press invitation from the organization, for which I want to thank them very much. And as usual it was a marvelous evening! Super shows and the weather which was almost completely dry!

The photos can be found in this gallery.


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Military Worldchampionships Cycling – Medal Parade

The medal parade took place on the Queen Astrid square in Leopoldsburg. An attempt of the army to get the population involved in this event. But, they failed big time! Only if you had a title you were allowed on the stage. They who did attempt to see ‘something’ were left in the cold. Only about 5 meter along the stage gave you a chance to catch a glimpse of the handing of the medals. Military photographers, a military cameraman and a major who was running the parade made sure that we could see as less as possible! Congratulation with the 1/10 for organization! And yes, also congratulations for the 3/10 for English! I know mine isn’t perfect, but what I heard there was just sounding like English!

Underneath you’ll see some photos of the awarding! Do you want to see a few more? Well you can find them in this gallery on



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Military Worldchampionships Cycling

On September 4 the Military Worldchampionships Cycling took place at Leopoldsburg. For the very first time the women could battle for the rainbow jersey as well.

Unfortunately not many people showed up to cheer for the sporters.

Photos of the medal parade will follow in an other post.

A number of photos can be found in the photogallery!


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